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A heartfelt response to “Radical Survivor”

October 19, 2013

I began reading right there beside the fire, and kept reading until I finished. Nancy is so staggeringly honest. This story is incredibly poignant, sad, funny, and yes, hopeful. It really softened my heart and made tender my spirit. I cannot begin to imagine her pain but because her writing is so descriptive, I did feel her pain while I read. The title is so perfectly apt.





January 26, 2013

From Jenny: I just finished reading this/your book. It was amazing, and very uplifting. I am currently going through a lot with my mom, and this book helped me realize that I need to make the most of he one I have left with my mom.

The Story Project

January 24, 2013

Watch me tell my story on The Story Project. Hopefully you will laugh, cry, and laugh again.